• Oct 2 (WED)
  • 13 : 00 - 17 : 00

DDP Art Hall 2

"Digital Innovation Redesigns the City"

The most basic but essential means for building a better future is through communication and conversation.

Seoul is considered one of the most advanced smart cities in the world, harnessing technology to drive urban development.
Seoul implements smart policies in cooperation with the private sector and citizens focusing on 6 areas; transportation, safety, environment, welfare, the eoconomy and administration.

In order to listen to the opinions of our citizens and gather their collective wisdom, Seoul is organizing the Seoul Smart City Summit&Conference 2019. This event convenes citizens, Mayors, CIOs, CEOs, smart city experts and startups to discuss ways to develop sustainable smart cities and share their experiences.

Smart city is a huge discourse, but the result should be reflected in the lives of our citizens. Therefore, creating a smart city is not one person's work, it should be everyone's work.

Seoul invites you to the event which prepares cities for a new future with digital innovation. Please join us to create a better future through 'communication and conversation.'